Warning: Businesses Are Losing Money By Not Using Facebook

Facebook is such an influential factor in our daily lives these days. They publish news, provide user interaction and intersect with other sites by sharing content from all over the Web. These are some of the main reasons why this social media platform is essential to your business success.

The first step in establishing your presence on Facebook is by setting up a business page. Using this tool opens up potential business deals and clients that can boost your earnings. Without it, you are losing potential customers.

So what exactly can a Facebook Page do for your business website?


The Best Low-Cost Marketing Strategy


Every business person knows that marketing strategies can be pricey. However, using some of the social channels such as Facebook can cut down the cost dramatically. This makes it an ideal platform for small to medium-sized businesses with a limited budget. Large companies can also use this avenue to expand their marketing campaigns, like using Facebook Ads.

The Largest Share of Social Media Referral Traffic

In terms of share referrals, Facebook continues to dominate other social media platforms. Such a social market share is essential to businesses because creating diverse traffic sources can reach more people overall. According to Eric Ward, “There are a trillion websites. There are a billion search phrases. Yet, there are only ten to twenty search results being fought over.”

It means that for you to survive in a cut-throat niche, you must think of ways to get more traffic other than from Google.

Shares Blog Posts, Photos, and Videos Directly From Your Business Site


If you have your own business website, one way to share the photos, videos, and posts about your products and services is through Facebook. It is a powerful method to showcase what your brand has to offer. On top of that, it is a great communicating tool for potential customers for answering their inquiries without having to visit your website.

Remember people are more likely to be on Facebook rather than your site. Since you can tag your Facebook friends to your post, you offer first-hand notification about your brand. It also opens up potential shares to their newsfeed.


Steers Traffic To Your Site


Many businesses report that Facebook had helped them received additional traffic. Users who visit your site can be exposed to a stronger marketing campaign that can compel them to buy your product. You can entice people to visit your site by providing a link on your Facebook page.


Offers A Unique Opportunity to Boost Engagement


Webmasters who know how to produce articles that are useful, relevant and informative can easily conquer Facebook shares. If you have a brilliant content strategy, you can utilize your Facebook shares to expand your reach.

If your followers like it, they can simply make a single click and share your article with their own friends. If they like what they see, they can visit your site more often and read more of your articles. This could even have a viral effect on your business.

Overall, Facebook creates a relationship with customers, encourage endorsements, and spread the news about your brand. Here are the other possible uses of Facebook for your business.

Shows the human side of the business –
Unlike social media, websites are less engaging to their visitors. Using Facebook makes sure that your brand shows its human side of the business. By interacting with the comments on your page, you show that you care about what people have to say about you and your business.

A platform to reward your loyal customers – Rewards, raffles, and giveaways are not new to social media. If you want to reward your loyal customers, this is the best place to showcase your giveaways. It does not just add up to your number of followers, it also shows people that you care about your regular customers or clients.

A chance to use your keywords – Using keywords on your profile and posts will not just help Facebook users find you, it also appears prominently on search engine results, especially to mobile device users. This is a feature that you must take advantage if you are somehow involved with SEO strategies.

Just like Google, Facebook is an evolving platform. What makes it truly special is that there are some aspects of it that are so useful for business development. So if you do not want to leave money on the table, use Facebook for your business success.

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